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Panoramic Prints

SPECTRUM - orbits

video and prints


Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 5.44.52 pm.png

Both the prints and the video explore the idea of a continuum or a spectrum - as opposed to a binary system of classification, there are aspects of transformation and transitioning as people and forms elide into and out of each other creating a spectral ‘other-worldly' peopled landscape.

Featured in

"In these works, video of pairs and groups of figures interacting has been re-presented as a kind of ‘smear-in-time’ of shape and colour. The video has then been further developed into a series of panoramic digital prints.
The accompanying video soundtrack is taken from an ongoing series of compositions created by MPM (Jackson Mouldycliff, Colin Potter and Phil Mouldycliff) who have both collectively and individually worked with Carson on a number of projects over the past two decades. These pieces describe various orbital conditions using loops, phasing, repetition, mechanistic rhythms and contrary motion to create layers of sound that reflect the circular imagery of Carson’s videos."

Dr Phil Mouldycliff Jan 2021

SPECTRUM orbits Collaboration with sound artists Jackson Mouldycliff, Phil Mouldycliff and Colin Potter.

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