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The Hydrodome is a  6 metre high -  4 metre wide air-inflated portable dome with an internal projection system. To be viewed from the outside at night

"Hydrodome was my solution to creating a presence outside the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre at the WA Regional Arts Summit Conference in 2017. I have further developed this as a feature of the Stretch Festival  2018". -  David Carson

STRETCH FESTIVAL 2018  Mandurah City Council

"In a series of movement workshops caught on film, members of the elderly, special needs and Noongar communities, as well as children, dance schools and swim schools perform beautiful choreography shaped by Bernadette Lewis. Using these movements, sound collections and films, artist David Carson has made two cutting-edge 360 degree films, created with an eerie watery soundscape and dance sequences.


These films, along with the soundscapes, will be shown at the 2018 Stretch Festival in a projection dome that members of the public are invited to enter and immerse themselves within.

This multi-layered artwork was launched at Kaya – Party in the Square during October of 2017, and now this incredible creation that the community of Mandurah and Peel have contributed to alongside internationally recognised and award-winning artists David Carson, Bernadette Lewis and Justin Wiggan, will be presented at the 2018 Stretch Festival.

Thanks to the Wardong dancers, the staff and residents of Mercy Place, Mandjoogoorap Dreaming, participants who danced, swam and donated sounds, and Jen and Mick Hurley who kindly let us use their pool for early experiments."   Stretch Festival Program.

Previewed at the WA Regional Arts Summit in the air-inflated portable dome. With assistance from Paul Bourke.

Hydrodome featured  at the Fairbridge Music Festival 20 - 21 April 2018

As part of this year’s Stretch Festival PHCC is partnering with the City of Mandurah to present 'Wetlands from Above' and 'Stretch Hydrodome' at the Cape Bouvard Winery at Lake Clifton.

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