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Yagan Square - Digital Tower.  Inner city landmark to entertain visitors with digital art. A 45-metre high circular screen.

Yagan Square - Digital Tower

"DIGITAL media artist David Carson believes the Yagan Square digital tower could open up doors for artists like himself who are exploring new territory.

The Hamilton Hill resident’s commissioned 360 degree video work of a woman swimming for the City of Mandurah’s Stretch Arts Festival in May is reaching an even wider audience on the 45-metre high tower for 12 months.


Mr Carson said the screen was the perfect format for his unusual work. “Ordinary video goes around but there’s a line where it meets itself, but if you do it seamlessly you can have things moving all the way around, so it fits this format, you don’t have an edge,” he said. “My background is as a painter, but I’m a filmmaker now, and I’ve done a lot of work to be projected inside domes on 360 video which is quite new."

Julian Wright - Fremantle Gazette

Sequences from the STRETCHED video on the 45 metre tower.  A Stretch Arts Festival, City of Mandurah collaboration.. Shown May 6-7  2018

Sequence from the STRETCHED video commision.



Sequence from the STRETCHED video commision.  Wardong Dancers with choreographer Bernadette Lewis.



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