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2018 early

RECENT  Old customs house has been transformed into ATRo*©ITY. Brought to you by the Palooka Lounge and 3rd degree burns unit.  A sensory feast of imagery and sound. Curated by Tim Burns,Brett Todman, Bec Juniper,Jon Denaro, and Lisa Pensabene.  Premiering this Fri 27 April 2018. Von fritz performing early . Come see what's in store over the next few weeks.

Hydrodome  at the WA Regional Arts Summit in the transparent inflatable dome. With assistance from Paul Bourke


"CAFE OTO. Italian Vogue has named this cafe – which serves up a steady diet of avant-garde music – Britain's coolest venue."

The Guardian

Colin Potter performing at Cafe OTO in London. Back projection

'Altered States' video excerpt. 




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