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THREE EXHIBITIONS available and two outdoor displays


A selection of recent work exploring the representation of the passing of time in specific locations. These range from documenting one hour to 365 days.


These current works are meditations on the passage of time (in space) and represent the way perceptions can be altered or distorted to simulate a spatial and temporal experience. Some of these prints represent periods of time as long as 365 consecutive days and nights, condensed into single images. Reading from left to right, you are therefore seeing the beginning and end of a time period simultaneously, a process analogous to Presentism, a philosophy of time, which proposes that neither the future nor the past exists.

SciFi  time & space

This exhibition called SciFi is an unashamed homage to various classic science fiction films, each rendered out as a single wide-panoramic unique print. The images are produced using a process called slitscanning, used to great effect for the stargate sequence in Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie 2001 a Space Oddyssey.

In this exhibition each movie has been rendered out as an image-sequence of many thousands of individual frames, which are then processed with bespoke programming software which automates the slitscanning process. (Program developed by imaging specialist Dr. Paul Bourke).**

6 metre wide print STARWARS        Scifi exhibition Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

S T R E T C H E D dome video


"In a series of movement workshops caught on film, members of the elderly, special needs and Noongar communities, as well as children, dance schools and swim schools perform beautiful choreography shaped by Bernadette Lewis. Using these movements, sound collections and films, artist David Carson has made two cutting-edge 360 degree films, created with an eerie watery soundscape and dance sequences.

The project was a collaboration bewtween David Carson, Bernadette Lewis and Justin Wiggan, It was launched at the 2018 Stretch Arts Festival in Mandurah Western Australia.

Yagan Square and the Hydrodome



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