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2018 cont'd

 “live video footage breaks free from the coloured patterns and visual miasma”

Three Points of View 

A selection of recent work exploring the representation of the passing of time in specific locations. These range from documenting one hour to 365 days.

Carson has been involved with experimental imaging technologies for many years, including immersive 360º video production, 3D stereoscopic and time-lapse video capture. Much of his work has been collaborations with scientists and musicians.

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ON  Thursday 7 - 21June 2018

Spectrum Gallery Edith Cowan University                         

Three Points of View

Current work - an extension of an ongoing interest in representing the passing of time into static images, including sequences of many thousands of individual frames, up to 450,000 for a year-long period.


These current works represent the way perceptions can be altered or distorted to simulate a spatial and temporal experience.


The work has been inspired by cinematographer Douglas Trumbull who made the ‘stargate sequence’ in Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie 2001 a Space Oddyssey

These current works are meditations on the passage of time (in space) and represent the way perceptions can be altered or distorted to simulate a spatial and temporal experience. Some of these prints represent periods of time as long as 365 consecutive days and nights, condensed into single images. Read from left to right, you are therefore seeing the beginning and end of a time period simultaneously, a process analogous to Presentism, a philosophy of time, which proposes that neither the future nor the past exists.


The philosopher Ted Sider says, “Presentism is the doctrine that only the present is real”…. With this definition, the past and future do not exist – they are not real! That is why Presentism is so mind-boggling, because we are constantly thinking about the past and planning for the future……it is only the present which exists objectively (outside of our minds).  So all things exist simultaneously in the eternal present.”


Carson has worked with philosopher Professor Michael Levine from the University of Western Australia in formulating some of the ideas behind this project and imaging specialist Dr. Paul Bourke, who created bespoke programming software which automates the slitscanning process.

“I hope the viewer sees the work and contemplates the fragility and mutability of human existence and how the ordinary can mutate into the extraordinary.” David Carson

Recent quote about Carson’s work: “The silhouetted dancer on screen giving me Tales Of The Unexpected shivers as the canvas becomes heavy with mortared magnificence and dew-dropped acidics of a bayoneted baptism that is really hard to let go of.”   - Michael Rodham-Heaps. Review in Freq. Review of - Video projection with Colin Potter at Café OTO in London April 20  2018..

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